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Unusual never showed up till I bought it

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Hey, just pondering something and I need to ask some folks.

So, I recently acquired a Laugh-O-Lantern El Mostacho and I was under the impression for the longest time that it was never unboxed, as I never saw it show up on bp.tf.

What would y'all make of this? I got it off SCM, so would selling it straight to SCM before it becomes tradable mean that it doesn't show up on bp.tf, even through premium search? Or is there some other weird mumbo-jumbo goin on here?

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Vrakos Anthrakir

An item only shows up on bptf in some fashion if the owner's backpack is loaded when they've got it in there.  If someone unboxed the item then immediately threw it on the SCM without having their backpack on bptf loaded by anyone, then it would not show up as existing here.

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