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can we have a talk about the '29-30 refined for a key' auctions in Scrap.TF that's basically a scam?


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I want to make this quick as I see people entering these auctions. These auctions are complete rip-offs. So, Scrap.TF, when you bid an item, reduces it's value by half, meaning that a 30 ref value item will now be worth 15 ref. So, some new trader stumbles upon these auctions and bids on one, They'll get scammed out of atleast 10-20 ref. The only thing Scrap.TF doesn't reduce the item value on is refined metal; But the people running the auctions know that, which is why they remove these items from being able to be bidded.


I know some people in the trading scene are fairly experienced and know what are rip-offs and what are not, But new traders don't. So I'm informing you, when you see one of these auctions, just stay away. It would be better to inform people in the comments of the auction to not go to these auctions and bid on them, but the least you can do is just stay away and inform newer traders about this. It's a complete waste of money and items.


Example for proof. (I saw an auction that was wanting over 35 ref of pay, sadly I couldn't find it.)


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The thing is every auction lists what level of item factor the auction is set at, so it should not be a surprise. Most don't do 100% item factor as backpack.tf's prices can be out of date, with the item no longer selling at that value.


And you're also missing the main point of these style of auctions: They're meant to be used as dumping grounds for people who have been having a hard time selling particular items. It allows them to sell of the item at only a moderate loss, thus getting pure back so they can try making profit with different items.

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