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Just curious how to report mod abuse?


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Not sure if this is the right place but I am just curious how and where to report mod abuse? I was banned from classifieds for line cutting, which I wasn't. And the message I got about the listing being removed was for a completely different reason that is not even in the backpack.tf rules. It's only 24 hours but I am just shocked this is even happening. And yes, I did send an appeal message.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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3 hours ago, Bob the Unsymmetrical said:

We need more info 

if you have nothing to tell in thread please don't say something like we need more info

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You usually report "mod abuse", which this is not, by contacting an administrator.


The message you received prior to the ban doesn't look like it was really related. Rather poor timing. You can not list offensive/nsfw decals on the classifieds. It is an unwritten rule and you don't get banned for listing these, unless in the rare case you were warned for it multiple times already and keep listing them.

You were banned for listing your sign with decal applied at 3.33 while selling it for 6 ref.

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