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Smissmas Unusuailfiers


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Hey all. I was wondering how much the Smissmas Taunt Unusualfiers will be going for, or how I could figure that out. I just unboxed a Soldier's Requiem with the new effects and I don't know how to begin to list this.

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They are standard unusualifiers with Smissmas effects because it's Smissmas time. Regular effects will be back once the event over...

I'd advise you to sell the unusualifier now because they're hype.

Lowest seller for 8 in classifieds, going for 5k on SCM. 

Best is to sell on Marketplace if you have a seller account. If not, try the classifieds for a bit less than 8k

(If it's tradable, that I doubt)


Edit: just saw you applied it, you got lucky, maybe the best effect from the event. Keep it then.

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3 hours ago, Shroast said:

I unboxed a sparkling lights burstchester, how much will that sell for?


no one knows.its brand new so just check the classifieds and you can get a broad price

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