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buy order manipulation scam

da real skull

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i almost got scam bey dies and i tink dies kinda people sud get band a lot off new traders are affected bey dies and it is rood 

i hope we can make dies a new rule dat dey get band




i almost got scamed bey dies guy can we pls get da -rep off of my profiel he did it as retaliation Deserted 

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They way you wrote this makes me think it's a prank. Both of your -rep is invalid because it does not involve risky trades*, if the user is manipulating prices you should report their profile instead with proof.



*It's my understanding the rep system is meant for trust; buy order manipulation, while scummy, would be handled with a ban + profile note but I could be wrong. In any case there does not appear to be any proof of this manipulation (couldn't even link this "lil ninja" guy) and that's enough to invalidate it imo.

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On 11/29/2020 at 12:55 PM, One and only Ackerman said:

Correct title sentence, but a 11y/o typing in the explanation. Please don't even use forums if your just gonna troll.

Don't think 11 y/o types like that, it's more like 2nd grade typing.

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