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Fake negative review

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I posted before and i will post again.


Backpack.tf mods have fingers up their ass, someone found my last post and left a positive review on my profile to "make me feel better". It was stupid on his end, but now o at least know that they are active because they removed this review almost instantly. But they are not removing the blackmail one. So basically they are allowing people to comment on random peoples profiles saying "i will remove this negative review once you pay me 2keys that you scammed from me" without any proof. Not to fucking mention this same  user said i scammed 30refined from him at first.





Although you cant see first review by this faggot, i reported it and it got removed within 24 hours, after which the same user( even though it says"randomappleing" for some reason) commented that i scammed 110ref, and they womt remove it

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6 minutes ago, Nick Xavier said:

Well i believe, you really ran without paying him for his win. 

Its fine, you are entitled to your opinion. But the key points are:

1. "Faze John" commented that I stole 30 refined metal, comment got removed by mods.

2. "Faze John" goes on to comment that I stole 110 refined metal, comment wont get removed.

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  • sasdasd locked this topic

You've now reported it, made 2 forum threads and opened 4 issues in the last 5 days. These were all not replied to because we have very limited report moderators which each have limited time.

Do not use derogatory terms on these forums.

The rating has been removed and all you issues have been replied to.



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