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Spyromancer's Custom Loadout/ Collection Construction Service


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I make a coomplette loadout and/ or collection for you, from design to final trade, based on whatever mood/ theme/ item/ whateva you want. Theme music will also be provided at random intervals throughout the process, and custom naming/ description is also included if so desired.

Examples of my completed commisons:
None yet! Be the first.

Examples of my present (personal) loadouts/ collections:







My #19/ #93/ #1993 Craft collection
My Deadly Daffodil/ Singularity collection (with a Singularity Pro KS unusual and Spec KS Collector's Gunboats)


My past loadouts/ collections:
Complete set of retired hats with Circling Heart



My mixes: 


I charge an up front flat fee of 25 refined per loadout. Name and description are 2 ref per item extra, or 3 for both.

Should you want me to do the trading, I charge a 10% commission based on the total cost of the loadout that will be payable on delivery of the completed set.
I also have the option for Mystery Loadouts! You tell me the theme and budget, pay me the commission fee up front (this will not be refundable after 24 hours), and I will put something together for you within a month (three months if you request the loadout contain an unusual or weapon skin).
I can also put something together with CS/ DotA/ any other game with tradable content, although my fee will be 5% greater for those games (at least at first) as I will have to do a bit of research on those markets in addition to services rendered.

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