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Custom TF2 Loadout PFP's!

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What's up everybody! Can I advertise?

I've been doing these on and off for quite some time and I wanted to see if I could have my work reach more people.

It's a fun time and I love seeing these creations come to fruition at the end, I believe you guys will like what I have to offer  😄

I've done this a couple of times, all for the price of one key!

Here is some of the work you can expect: 





Like what you see?

The last one is my latest work, so the quality should be around that level if not higher!

You want it? It's yours my friend!

Kindly add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HarrisBiden/


Looking forward to working with you!






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Is that your artwork for the first and second one? Cause if it is I don't know why you didn't just draw it on yourself.

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Yeah the first and second ones were mine from early this year, with the third one being something I did a couple of days ago. I don't illustrate the effect and item on your character, rather edit together assets from loadout or SFM. I typically touch up the image in post through drawing if need be.

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