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(UPDATED PRICES)✨ TF2 SFM Commissions ✨ ❄️(Christmas/Winter themed ones for SALE!)🎄✨

Sniper's Kangaroo Wife

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Hi people! xD

I'm taking custom TF2 loadout SFM commissions - bust icons, halfbodies and fullbodies!

-5$ sale on Winter/Christmas themed loadout posters! ❄️🎄

Also, I'm putting TF2 characters into your photos.


Here's  the examples - https://imgur.com/a/19ptPcV

If interested, send me a private message! :D

If you have questions, ask here.



(Open until 2021 January)


Keep in contact about poster progress on my:

Instagram - www.instagram.com/skw_sfms/

Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/SnipersKangarooWife/


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7 hours ago, Knightfury69 said:

im not gunna lie these are really well made my guy. good job


Thaanks man! xD I hope to achieve even better results in future! :D

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52 minutes ago, Beaser said:

it aint christmas yet


Really??? Omg I really need to take my calendar to be fixed 😓 Thanks for telling me man, or else Id be heartbroken over Santa not bringing me anything!

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I lowered the price by a couple dollars, since nobody commissioned 3: Maybe u'll like this price :D

Does nobody want some rainbow and sparkle vomit poster or smth.

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