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How does this make any sense?

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I have seen this with other weapons, specifically collector weapons. I think it just comes down to supply, I guess most festive strange mediguns have been killstreaked. Less competition for pricing with the non killstreaked version. Their is only 4 strange festive mediguns being sold, but a lot more being sold with a killstreak applied. 

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Because people who aren't specifically looking for a killstreak version of a weapon likely won't see the listings for any killstreak versions. Go to a weapon's page and you will only see the listings for the non-killstreak versions.

Example - here's the stats page for Strange Kritzkrieg: https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Kritzkrieg/Tradable/Craftable
You'll see only the listings for ones without killstreak/festivizers attached.

Meanwhile if you search for Kritzkrieg through classifieds and tick the 'Strange' filter, you can see all the variations: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?page=1&item=Kritzkrieg&quality=11

So in short, it's listing visibility + bot autopricing working together. And I guess there'd also be some appeal to people who just want to build their own from scratch.

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It's the common case with high tier weapons, people will sometimes sell items for around the same price or less if they have Basic or Spec KS (Pro KS tends to still be more expensive though). When you get trading with High tier weapons, Ks (except for Pro) and festivized will barely add any value, if not, none at all

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Also to add these items may have large gaps between buy and sell orders and for the spec ks case it got undercut to where its at currently. And it wouldnt make sense for the bot to lower on the non ks just to match spec ks since people on the non ks page might not know and pay 29k anyways.

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