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[User Script] Mannco.store price in backpack.tf classifieds like marketplace.tf


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soon marketplace.tf will be closed and for convenience I made this simple script for myself, by analogy with the marketplace.tf, it adds an icon with a price from mannco.store and a link to the item. if it is helpful to someone please use.






# mannco.store-price-in-Classifieds


## Requirements

* Tampermonkey (Chrome)

* Greasemonkey (Firefox)


## Installation

1. Ensure that you have either Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey installed.

2. Download the script [`mannco.store-price-in-Classifieds.user.js`]

3. Confirm that you want to install the script.

4. The script should now be installed and ready to use.


github repository page: https://github.com/theversal/mannco.store-price-in-Classifieds


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