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Couple of Questions


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Relatively new, 3 questions -


1) Is it possible to have an item listed for sale on the SCM and backpack.tf simultaneously? I'm guessing no as my understanding is that in order to list an item for sale on bp.tf you must do that from your backpack and if an item is on the SCM it is removed from your inventory, which would make it impossible to list that item on bp.tf if it is no longer in your backpack.


2) Is there a better audience to sell decorated weapons to on SCM or bp.tf? From what I've seen so far, SCM - the downside to the SCM vs bp.tf being the fees.


3) I regularly see decorated weapons having sold for more than the war paint itself on SCM. For example a minimal wear kill covered pistol selling for more than minimal wear kill covered war paint. I'll just leave this one here...

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2)No, marketplace.tf was a good site to sell skins, but since its closing down all you can do now is trade them. Hope in the future another cash site opens up

3)Just depends on demand and luck, probably some kid bought the weapon not knowing you can buy the paint

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