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Unusual PC on two Puffy Polar Caps


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Hey this is my first thread here, I wanted to know how much I could get for my two Unusual Puffy Polar Caps. 

I'm a collector so I'm not too worried if I lost a bit during the echange. I paid 22 keys for each.


Thanks mates.



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5 hours ago, hyro said:

Both of them are about 30 keys pure

I'd highly doubt I could get that much for these mercenary hats.

2 hours ago, Norah said:

I'd say the Orb one is in the ballpark of 18 keys, and the Vortex one is probably around 17 keys. IMO you overpaid, but not by that much.


Yeah, I knew I overpayed but I'm tryna start a collection and I'm just trying to get the limited effects out of the way.

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