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Taking SFM Commissions (CLOSED)


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{} Important Info
- I have around 440+ Hours on SFM and many of my SFM Projects can be found on my Steam Artwork Page
- Everything is done in SFM and Photoshop is only used to watermark my posters.

Commissions usually will take 1-3 business days to arrive
Most of my newest work I don't have on my page anymore since I usually send them to a TF2 Server's Discord that I Staff for (aka Otaku.TF Gaming Servers)
My Steam

{} Prices
Prices range from 15 Ref - 1 Key and will be based upon the work/hours sent into the poster. I will usually tell you the price for your poster after you give me the details of it or when I'm halfway thru it. I take payment near the final drafts of the poster or upfront in rare cases. I do not mind if you keep me added or remove me on Steam after a commission is done. 
I do posters in JPG/PNG/GIF Formats and do 9:16(1080x1920), 16:9(1920x1080) or 4K Dimension sizes for most of my posters but I can lower them.

{} Examples (more can be found here Steam Artwork Page.)

A_Lost.png 9_16_Example.png

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