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Is SkinBaron.de safe?


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What the titles says. I've asked on scrap.tf, I've browsed the Steam discussions, and I've queried this on DuckDuckGo, and most of the answers seem to be that the site is legit. But, just to be safe, I wanted to ask one last time.


So, backpack.tfers, any info you could provide would be appreciated. Is it safe, have you had a good experience with it, etc.?

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1 hour ago, kayalancer said:

Ive used bitskins before to buy csgo skins/knives, never SkinBaron but I believe it is reputable.

Okay. Thanks for the info :)

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37 minutes ago, ⇄ | Pollen said:

Thank you for the link, kind stranger! Your help is greatly appreciated. 😊


29 minutes ago, CornMaized said:

Make sure it’s the real bitskins. It’s has fake copy’s like marketplace does

You've got it! I've not been duped by a fake clone yet, but I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled.

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