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Queue cutting with buy orders?


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I got banned for queue cutting and misleading price the other day. To be quite honest I can't remember what my buy orders were, but I know the only 2 I had up were both set at 1 key, which I have in my inventory so I can pay for my stuff, and I never received any trade offers. Not sure what exactly I did wrong? 

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If you have insufficient currency in your inventory for a buy order, the listing just gets hidden (if I remember right).  Definitely wouldn't result in a ban.  You probably had something in the listing notes indicating you were only looking for X variation of an item, etc.

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I remembered what my listing was, I had a buy order for tour of duty tickets, my listing note was I was buying 3 for 1 key, since I saw some trade bots doing it I wanted in on that action. I never thought it might be against the rules to offer a trade like that, but that's what I get for not being thorough I suppose. Edit: Yea it's right there in the rules, don't make an offer for multiple items. Lesson learned. 

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