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Why can I not find my desired kit/strangifier/chem set?


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I want to find specific Spec/ProKS kits that are extremely rare (not universals) via premium search. Scrolling through 600 pages actually proves to be quite useless as I find the results change sometimes... or maybe I just did it wrong. Either way, why can't we do this? I'd put this as a suggestion but I'm assuming already 900 people historically have.

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90% sure he wants to premium search something like HHHH or necro killstreak kits and that thread is for classifieds.

You can't do what the thread says in premium but you can narrow down the garbage that searching "kit" gives you.


First off if you want pro then select a killstreaker, yes you will have to do all 7 separate searches.

Level was always 5 for these kits because that's the default level for unboxed kits.

Item id's area around 3.14 billion based on a spec necro smasher for sale by gibson. This means you can probably ignore any results before a page that starts showing you 3.5 billion. I'm not going to lookup the exact dates for you but you can get more specific with tf2 tools item id/date finder thing and seeing when the unlocked spooky crate price started drastically going up (as it's unlikely one would be unboxed after that). If 3.5 billion is the cutoff and you wanted pro kits, congrats you have about 20 pages to search on the 7 different killstreakers for a small 140 pages of ctrl+f. If you actually want it you can put in that work it's only like 30 minutes tops.


For chem, sets the collector ones started dropping pretty recently compared to the strangifier ones so you only have to go through like 100-200 pages I think. I manually went through them all for handshake chem sets in less than an hour.


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