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Price Check on a Purple Confetti Fruit Shoot

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As title states, here's the item in question...


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AJ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Damn, what a cruddy unbox, of all the hats you could get, you get an 8 year outdated unusual.


I would price it at 10 keys or so, just based off the bp price, gfetti is currently going for around 8 keys, so see what sites pay for your item, be it scrap.tf, stn.tf, mannco.trade. Those kinda sites. I doubt tf2mart would take it considering how outdated it is and the same applies to other sites like tradeit.gg, swap.gg, tradeskinsfast and a lot of other cs/tf2 sites.

https://gyazo.com/e712fd4436a1140548ded589b44efbf6 - ss of current lowest sell orders on unusual fruit shoots




Only recent sale of one, 4 weeks ago, was used in a bulk trade so can't price the fruit shoot based off of that sale, seems to have been valued at 15 keys or so, I'm not sure about the entirety of the trade, may have been valued at even less.


Best of luck selling it, it's rare but a damn shame 


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