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Axiom Unknown

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Does anyone have lesser-known rock/metal groups they know of? I'd like to know some "underground" types that haven't hit the spotlight yet. 

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2 hours ago, Buddy said:

i can send you some playlists if you got spotify

I got Spotify, my dude. Need me to link it in PMs?


2 hours ago, Alecto said:

Who are you listening to/aware of at the moment that you like? How underground are we going?

At the moment, it's more the heavy types such as Slipknot and many others which are escaping me right now lmao. 


2 hours ago, Strange said:

Do you like ones with or without cussing? I know some good ones but they’re not clean

I love the offensive ones, but the clean ones can be nice.

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Hath is underrated, dark souls inspired deathmetal. Cisza is a good underrated rock/metal blend. But if we're going underground... x) I have a huge list of underground black metal if that's your thing. More known great bm bands like Aorlhac/VarulV/Ellende/Auðn are worth getting into too (IF black metal is your thing). If you're looking for thrash, try Vektor or condition critical, maybe Terrifier. Venom Prison for decent hardcore. the only semi decent core band I know is eye of the enemy. Just listing different genres here, hoping you find what you're looking for. Vehemence for some solid (messed up) DM that isn't generic. I won't get into DSBM with one kind of exception,  Psychonaut 4 is beautiful music, but the vocals aren't for everyone.

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