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"V for Vendetta" rewatch


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So I've re-watched the movie classic of its time and I must say it aged like wine over the years, making it more relevant in theory.
Despite its Hollywood magic of dramatization, I still love it and I even thought about reading the book from which it originated, which surely will differ from the movie.

What are your thoughts of the movie, and which movie would you recommend of a similar genre?


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Fahrenheit 451 (1966) - Please do not watch the remake from 2018. It's just an action remake that takes a dump on Bradbury's original work.

Gattaca (1997) - Just good and often overlooked in the genre. 

Minority Report (2002) - Pretty good, but falls victim  to the Tom Cruise effect. When you play the same character in every film, it takes away from the film in memory because every movie the actor has been in bleeds into one puddle. Tom Cruise is entertaining, but there are only a few movies I've seen that don't feel like deja vu.

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