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Backpack.tf Badges


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Recently I got my first reputation point on backpack.tf giving me a small badge under my name, and it got me wondering.

What are all the available badges that are possible to obtain? 


Sometimes you go to peoples profiles and you seem them have a massive string of badges under their name for all sorts of things, but is there a limit to how many they can get? Did it takes them months or years to get them? Do some badges become unavailable after a while? And other similar questions. 

If there is some really easy way to look at this or a website and i'm just really bloody blind, linking it would be a great help. Thanks ❤️
- ___


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Mod badges, event badges (these, these and this one), donations, premium, gifted premium, suggestions, unusual suggestions, twitter, steam group, homepage contest badges, some supporter badges like bugs and some old bptf automatic related badges

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