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Just starting trading. Any tips?

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buy my stuff.


Seriously though, if you can, buy a few more keys (10-15) and start unusual trading, low-tier trading is not worth the time unless you are extremely patient. In my experience, I got out of low-tier trading in 2 weeks of trading cus it was my mid-term break and I had nothing to do. 



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You can start from assassin/elite grade cosmetics and cheap unusuals under 10 keys (Multi class hats are the best choice)

Dont try to buy unusual taunts and weapons , they are too risky for new traders

Also cheap australiums like amby or axe are slight profitable (you can mostly get half a key profit per one australium)

Here most important advice , always think 2 times about buying something and check if it's going to bring you any profit.



If u manage to get around 15-20 keys and you want certain income try to buy potassium bonnets , they are profitable as hell 

Bananas gives you money

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