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i don't know how i'd go about reporting people but this person scams using "community assistance"


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34 minutes ago, ElspyLech 📱✔ ⇌ said:

instal lightshot mate, you can upload pictures very fast, with no evidence its hard to do something


https://prnt.sc/tqancb this is the example,


Or just take screenshots in general, does not need to be lighshot, imgur or anything that uploads screenshots can do it too.


You should report users via backpack.tf profile

https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198892441594 (there's a report button, of course, make sure you r reporting the right person)


Using the report button, type up the issue and post evidence, the mods will get back to you with further instructions.


edit: https://backpack.tf/issue/5ee5e97e97e94739dc73ad07 example 

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