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Do you think there'll be a revolution in the USA soon?

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czech republic


On a serious note its kinda surprising trump has made it this far without serious ramifications, I tend to be a-political but I think im gonna be forced to vote this time, just not for me, but for the better of the United States.

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The sad truth to the US is that there will never be change until an independent / 3rd party president is elected and a slow dismantlement of the two party system takes place. Until then, all that Congress and the Presidential race will be is "who can steal the most votes from the other so our party can get in power and revert anything the other party attempted to do?". That's the "beauty" of the two party system. You have pretty much 75% of your party's voters guaranteed to vote for your party all day every day no matter what the circumstances are, meaning political races are more about promising BS to the people that are undecided or voting for the other side than it is trying to bring about any actual changes that benefit the American society as a whole. This means that both parties pretty much neglect the desires of the majority of their voterbases and focus solely on the people that flip-flop between the sides or don't always vote in elections.

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The majority of countries are protesting and raging in discontent, which include the USA, Belarus, Russia, Israel, Lebanon and etc.

The pandemic's toll is so high, you could expect a global revolution.

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On 7/26/2020 at 4:55 AM, Semper said:

I think im gonna be forced to vote this time, just not for me, but for the better of the United States.

This is crazy to me, that in the USA ur not obligated to vote, if u don't vote here in Australia u get fined a lot of money

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No, the whole thing is people over-reacting and getting mad at the wrong people (the cops), which are people they are dehumanizing which is just hypocritical and wrong and most of the people doing it are usually racists themselves.  The whole riots have become more of a hate group than anything and nobody really takes it seriously anymore so I doubt this will go on much longer. It will either just fade away from people realizing how bad it is or the national guard will actually do something about it and it'll flop.

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