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Should I sell my Conga

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Basically what happened was I wanted to sell my conga and strange flamethrower.

Long story short someone wanted them and paid 2 keys and 45 refined.

Anyway even when they had an authenticator I still had to wait 15 days. I contacted steam support to ask why and they said I needed to tell the other person to tell them as well.

The person said they would but ended up forgetting and going offline.

Anyway I got the pure.

But I still have the items (we thought him gifting it to me might remove the hold didn't work)

Anyway when I accidentally removed them from my friends list.

So I re added them but they never accepted and when I checked the invite vanished I guess a glitch happned or they declined so I resent it and so far no accept.

Should I sell the item to someone else since it has been almost a month since I got the items or keep them. Idk what to do.

Considering they had a trade ban for 5 days as well it took me more than 1.5 months. Should I give up and sell the conga

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Bob the Unsymmetrical

Did you agree to reserve teh Conga, if not then sell it to someone else then. Is not like he can't find another conga. Heck he needs to pay more for the conga since he has 15 trade hold but whatever. Just sell it, no point in waiting a month for two keys.

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