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Pricing Events 2020 Results!


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Hi everyone, the results are in!


During this event an immense 1000 suggestions were submitted and well over 900 hats were updated in total in just 4 days. Some amazing work and effort was put it by the participants. The teamwork amongst the participants was outstanding this event and we've only had to close just a handful of suggestions out of all those hundreds of hats that were updated. This event also had a relatively high amount of new comers and it was great people learning the basics of suggesting and slowly being able to do more work on their own. However, it's now time to move on to the results everyone has been waiting for...


First place - $150 marketplace.tf credit and a winners badge on your backpack.tf profile.


The team that scored the most points this event is Team 3! Team 3 scored a remarkable 234 points which was by about 30 points the highest of the event. With just 1 suggestion closed out of all those submitted, the team definitely put in some amazing work towards quality as well. A well deserved first place winner.


Second place - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a runners up badge on your backpack.tf profile.


The team with the second highest amount of points is Team 6! Team 6 was - together with team 3 - the only team that scored above 200 points, sitting on the scoreboard at an impressive 201. With the amazing teamwork we've seen in the discord from Team 6 this comes as no surprise. Including many newcomers who put in a lot of effort to make suggestions and learn how it all works.


Mod’s Choice: Quality - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a mod’s choice badge on your backpack.tf profile.


This year's Mod Choice: Quality prize will be going to Team 5! Team 5 has delivered a lot of solid suggestions. With 0 mod closes and barely any suggestions that needed to be resuggested, the quality of team 5's suggestions was incredibly high. Even more impressive when you take into account a lot of the suggestions were made by people who didn't have a ton of prior experience. But after teamwork and help from the experienced suggesters in Team 5, the suggestions submitted by team 5 were nearly flawless.



Mod’s Choice: Teamwork - $100 marketplace.tf credit and a mod’s choice badge on your backpack.tf profile.


The teamwork award of the 2020 pricing event will be heading to Team 2! We've seen some amazing teamwork by Team 2. A lot of their newcomers were very involved and were taught the basics of suggesting by the other team members. There were some other teams that came really close but Team 2 took the lead in terms of teamwork. It was great seeing everyone getting involved and work on suggestions.


Best Leader - $25 marketplace.tf credit and a badge on your backpack.tf profile.


The best leader this event was Xergoyf from team 6. Xergoyf encouraged suggesters to contribute to the team, organized ideas and took charge of the team. By involving everyone in the team, team 6 had a great chemistry and produced many good suggestions. He demonstrated great leadership and thanks to that team 6 did a fantastic job in the event.


Best Newcomer - $25 marketplace.tf credit and a badge on your backpack.tf profile.


This was a tough one to decide, simply due to the fact that there were many great newcomers in the event. However, one member stood out in particular which is Squid from team 6. Squid had almost no prior experience from suggesting and in just a few days learned a ton about suggesting and even was able to make a lot of good suggestions himself.

Participation prizes – donation credit and premium.


Every active participants will keep their premium, this is for a whole month! In addition to a free month of premium you will also receive donation credit. The amount you will receive is $0.10 for every point your team has scored!


Total amount of points:
















Your donation credit will be added shortly. The marketplace giftcards will be sent to you over DM on the site. Let me know in your team channel on how you plan to divide the funds amongst eachother.

Last but not least... major shoutout to Geel and Jesse for providing the marketplace giftcards and the prizes. Also big shoutout to to the mods and admins for all the hard work and effort during the event!

Thank you all for participating, contributing and being in the event. I hope everyone enjoyed their time, learned something and had fun during the event. Keep on suggesting and lets see everyone again for the next pricing event! 


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Huge congrats to everybody who participated; in 4 days you all did some insane work! For our newbies who participated this time, I hope you start becoming a familiar face in the price suggestions department🙂And of course a huge shoutout to Erik and all the price moderators handling these suggestions.


Hope to see everyone participate in the next one!

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Congrats and gg everyone! Best first experience ever and I am glad that I've joined this pricing event! :)
Well done us Team 2 :D 

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This is event is fun and challenging, as a newcomer who had 40+ price suggestions at the start of the month, I definitely learnt a thing or two this event, hopefully we (and also everyone else) can do better for the next pricing event. 


Great Job everyone and have a great day :)

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As always, another extremely fun event! Here's a toast, till the next one!

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Good work lads and lasses! The community never fails to impress me each event we've hosted. Please join us on the discord for a rat feast. WokeRat.png.02dd122de5f3f12dce71a1855bba158e.png

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