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Eliminators Safeguard Prices are gone


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I wonder if anybody else has noticed this, but the entire pricing chart for the Eliminators Safeguard is gone.
All Safeguards appear as unpriced Items in Backpacks now.

Is there a reason for that or is this just a bug ?

Thanks in advance.



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They renamed it. 


Was Eliminators -> Now Eliminator's


I recall another hat was updated not long ago.


Dev team putting in WORK. 

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Its name was changed to "Eliminator's Safeguard", where as it previously had no apostrophe.




Lately Valve has been actively trying to fix a bunch of items in TF2 by fixing improper grammar and spelling in item names. This is why the Potassium Bonnet (formerly Bonnett) was gone from bp.tf's pricelist for a short time.


Afaik it's up to the site's dev and/or bp.tf staff to fix pricelists when updates like this happen, as when the item's name changes, backpack.tf views it as a totally separate item.

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