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Pricing Event 2020 Info & Teams!


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Hello! Thanks for signing up!

In this thread you will find all the information you need regarding the pricing event and the team you are in. Please read the thread.


The event will start Thursday the 9th of July at 20:00 CEST and will end Monday the 13th at 20:00 CEST. This means that any suggestions submitted after this date are invalid.




-          Day 1: Scout, Demoman and Medic hats + class specific taunts that are 6 months or longer outdated!

-          Day 2: Soldier, Heavy and Sniper hats + class specific taunts that are 6 months or longer outdated!

-          Day 3: Pyro, Engineer and Spy hats + class specific taunts that are 6 months or longer outdated!

-          Day 4: All-class and Multi-class hats + taunts that are 6 months or longer outdated!


Effects will be assigned to you when the event starts. You will also receive a pastebin with all the outdated hats, which will make searching for a hat to update a lot easier, you won't have to search them manually.


Point Scoring


-          1 point for every accepted suggestion

-          1 point for every mini suggestion accepted*

-          0 points for B/O drops.

-          -5 points for every suggestion closed by a moderator.

*=A mini suggestion is valid as long as your mini suggestion is necessary to update your main item. This also includes a mini for a mini.




  • Every team will have to pick one person to submit their suggestions. This is the designated suggester. Once you’ve decided your designated suggester (do so  before the event starts), ping me in the discord in your team channel or in a private message.
  • Every suggestion must be recognizable as an event suggestion. The first line of your suggestion should be your team number/name etc so that it's clear your suggestion is event related.
  • Following the rule above, you must also clearly state if a suggestion is a mini and more importantly, for which hat the mini is for.
  • Example: Team 1 – mini for Burning Flames Team Captain
  • You can not take suggestions to post from people outside of your team. This means teaming up with people outside of the event so you gain an advantage. You will be disqualified doing so and lose any right to potential prizes, donation funds and premium.
  • You can make suggestions for effects that are not assigned to you, if they are necessary for a mini and the other team has no suggestion up for it.


And most importantly, work together as a team. Not every participant is a triple black belt. If we notice that people are being left out / excluded your team may get disqualified. .




  • First place -> $150 marketplace.tf credit to be shared between the members of your team.
  • Second place -> $100 marketplace.tf credit to be shared between the members of your team.
  • Mod Choice: Teamwork -> $100 marketplace.tf credit to be shared between the members of your team.
  • Mod Choice: Quality -> $100 marketplace.tf credit to be shared between the members of your team.
  • Best teamleader -> $25 marketplace.tf credit + MVP badge on your profile.
  • Best newcomer -> $25 marketplace.tf credit + badge on your profile.


In addition to this, you will be receiving $0.10 site donation credit for every point your team scores. The donation credit will be added to your backpack.tf account after the event. You will also be given a free month of backpack.tf premium! This will be applied to your account shortly, before the event starts. However, if you are inactive in the event or do not participate the premium will be revoked. You also won't be receiving any donation credit in that case.


Mod Choice: Teamwork --- this award you can win by being the team with the best teamwork. Teaching inexperienced people, making suggestions together and involving everyone are aspects we’ll be watching for this award.

Mod Choice: Quality --- this award will be given to the team that submits the suggestions with the highest quality. We define high quality suggestions as suggestions with a proper lay out (well organized, 2 compare links for every sale, a conclusion/summary, final range etc), well worked out mini’s suggestions and the main suggestion itself in general are all things we are taking into consideration.


Best teamleader --- this is awarded to the individual whom mods feel was the most active, the most helpful in their team, teached the newcomers best and showed best leadership.


Best newcomer --- this is awarded to an active member of the team with almost no prior experience in suggesting and yet picks up on the basics quickly and is able to make decent suggestions for the team.




Last but not least, the teams. People from all over the world signed up for this event. We have tried to keep the teams as balanced as possible with also trying to take the timezone and availability of participants into account. The teams list is as follows:

Team 1


@Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

@Mucy is on Marketplace.tf

@TheProcave | Gladiator.tf

@꧌ Vader ꧍

@Pootis-Man tradeit.gg


@L3ORIC™ | Quicksell.Store

@.phl4rie S>Unusuals



Designated suggester: (to be chosen)


Team 2


@l3D is a tanuki#4382 


Designated suggester: (to be chosen)


Team 3

@🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥#3122 
@Toxic ツ#7888 
@Mike hunt(ds2 fan)#8299 


Designated suggester: (to be chosen)


Team 4

@Kim Jong-il#9657
@Morgan Freeman#8008 



Designated suggester: (to be chosen)


Team 5


@The Walking Bread#9906 

@Unplayed Namer#5644 


Designated suggester: (to be chosen)


Team 6




Designated suggester: (to be chosen)



Please read the entire thread as all the info you need is in here. You will be communicating with your team in the backpack.tf discord. If you scroll to the bottom of the channel list there will be an event section. Your roles will be applied soon so you have some preperation time before the event starts 20:00 CEST thursday. Good luck!

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Good luck everyone!!!!!!
May your item histories not be riddled with gambling and untraces and may your mini trains be of reasonable length so you don't lose sanity

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The event has now officially started!

Please check out the discord to see which effects were assigned to your team and more information. Good luck and have fun! 

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