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Guidelines for Suggestion Question Threads

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When a moderator closes/accepts a suggestion and you disagree with their decision, please make a new thread following these guidelines. Place your thread in the General Website Discussions sub-forum.

Thread Name: Preface the thread name with "Suggestion Question:" and include the item name, price, and moderator that worked on it (Ex: Suggestion Question: Spycicle, 1.66-2 ref, cleverpun). If a thread with that name already exists, also include the date the suggestion was closed. (Spycicle [Jan 20, '13], 1.66-2 ref, cleverpun)


Only make one thread per Suggestion! If you really must, you may put multiple suggestions in the same thread, but only if they were handled by the same admin.

Include the following information in first post;

* Link to the suggestion--ex: http://backpack.tf/v...a2536b065000000

* Why the suggestion should not have been accepted/rejected. Remember that subjective reasons ("it looks good" "People like green" etc) are not sufficient evidence by themselves. Voter tallies are not sufficient by themselves, either.

* Relevant links: proof links go here. Simply recycling the ones used in the suggestion will generally not be enough.


Admins are always willing to explain their decisions, and we are not perfect. We are more than willing to help create a new better, suggestion if needed.

Suggestion Questions are not license to attack the site or any of its users. They are not going to automatically result in a price being changed.

As with all other parts of the site and forums, be respectful and calm. Any threads that do not follow these guidelines will be locked or deleted. Any thread with excessive off-topic conversation will be locked.

NOTE: These guidelines are subject to change. Suggestions are, as always, welcome.

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