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Who would win?


Who would win?  

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  1. 1. Who would win?

    • One edgy sniper boi
    • Chad heavy

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He may be edgy but he respects the cosmetic item limit of three and that in my heart wins him the duel.


Sad to see how low the bar is for a Chad nowadays tho

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1 minute ago, DRIFTA said:

nah bro thats the most virgin heavy ive ever seen

That heavy fits the chad attitude (or 'chadditude' if you will) perfectly
Chad is about finding happiness in disregarding everyone else and living life against the rules and conventions of modern society.


Unfortunately for this chad, if the sniper has any idea what he's doing he should have no trouble making short work of the heavy

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1 hour ago, Scott Bakula said:

I feel one of my Sniper loadouts out-edgelords the one in the poll:



Yet another excuse to flaunt your g. fetti collection, eh Scotty? Where's the triple g. fetti sniper loadout? Psh.

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