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Thank you for your help

Lightning Gunne

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I've never really had a good sense of fashion (not that I see that as some sort of weakness). Before I started being really active on this site, most of my fashion sense came from my brother back when we shared and played on this Steam account together - he really liked the Tyrantium Helmet - which is how I got the whole "Soldier Viking of the Future" persona - and the Deus Ex cosmetics.


Fast-forward to the past 2 years, and I've gotten myself some really beautiful (no homo) loadouts for my 6 most played classes (though I'm not done with some of those 6), in no small part thanks to you guys who've stopped and contributed your time to suggest loadout choices for me. From steering me away from Australiums to my first and most impactful weapon skin, to helping me find the perfect skin for my Demoman loadout, to just telling me "yeah, this paint and skin combo looks good", and finally to the painstaking process of topping my Soldier loadout... sure, it wasn't easy, but you guys pulled through and delivered in the end.


Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for contributing your suggestions on my posts. I may have sworn off TF2 and video gaming in general (at least for now), but I daresay that years down the road, I'll still look back at those loadouts and treasure them with my heart and soul, and it'll be thanks to you guys.

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10 hours ago, Xaeriel said:

My pleasure 😎

Yes I helped, definitely 😎

Hmm. With a sense of humor like that, you could be the next Jay Leno.

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