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Snowblinded vs Blizzardy Storm


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As the title asks, I am wondering which of these effects you guys see as better.

Both are snow-themed white effects, one being a massive cloud, the other being radiating light amidst a gale of snow.


Blizzy is cheaper and larger, but more common and less detailed. Snowblinded is a work of art but smaller and more expensive, albeit rarer.


So, which is better?

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pros: rare as it was only unboxable during winter 2019.can no longer be unboxed.


          price goes at the range of medium-high tier


cons:only exists on case graded hats and not even all has them


         only exists on hats.no misc has this effect



blizzardy storm


pros:can still be unboxed on both mann co crates(only a certain series can) and all case graded hats


        :price varies from cheap to expensive


          can exist on both hats and misc


cons: price can go down depending the type of hat you purchase(misc usually has no problem



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Blizzardy Storm, because Snowblinded has the same problem as almost all the 2019 Halloween effects in that it's fucking TINY and its colors are so hard to notice at any meaningful distance. It's like wearing a Green Energy unusual on a map with intense sunlight everywhere.

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3 hours ago, 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥 said:


Finally someone who agrees! I mean I love Blizzy and it's arguably better due to it's costs but the snowfallen & blinded are just so antique-looking. Anyways, I created this thread as I want to invest in a Patriot Peak with either of these effects and I wanted to see some opinions.

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