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Scam Attempt?


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So I added this person to discuss a trade > https://steamcommunity.com/id/{id}/


We chatted and they seemed to be really interested in my unusual, they told me they can offer good overpay.

They told me they had lots of expensive unusuals and stranges in their inventory so they told me to add them on discord. I went ahead and did that and right away they called me. We didn't use voice but they shared their screen so I can view their inventory. They offered me an insane overpay in their bp while they were share screening.  (their steam inventory is private and an error pops up after pasting their steam profile link into bp.tf search). They didn't lie about the expensive unusuals and stranges but I was already getting a bit suspicious at this point. They kept highlighting their comments on their profile with comments like "+rep great overpay, +rep great trader" etc. All the comments in their profile all had private inventories as well. They told me to share screen and go to marketplace.tf to view my watchlist, to see if my items had good stock? They told me to accept an offer from a markeplace.tf bot for one of my ref as an example to add it into my watchlist. I accepted cause it's just a ref, and while i'm still screen sharing they told me to keep refreshing my page but no items would show up on my watchlist. They simply said "that's good, your items are in good stock." I should say that the "marketplace bot" returned my ref but they only had a two item inventory. Next they told me to accept a trade for my unusual this time, that's when I blocked them in discord and ended the call, they freaked out and they REALLY wanted me to accept that trade. I went ahead and blocked them in steam as well and here I am now. I'm still a bit confused as to what just happened. Even if this wasn't a scam attempt, I'd never been in a situation like this to trade. I didn't want to take the risk. Let me know what you guys think. Apologies I could have summarized this a bit better.

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That user is a marked scammer. They are also impersonating another trader to seem legit.

Right click anywhere on their profile and copy the page URL (not on the links *on* their profile), then paste their profile link into https://rep.tf/ 

This will show all their bans. 


We don't allow witchhunts on the forums, so i've edited your post to remove the profile link.


What you're explaining is likely a phishing attempt or an attempt at tricking you into accepting an offer the scammer sends you using a fake bot.

If you logged in to a website using your username/password/mobile auth, follow ALL these steps to stop trade offers being redirected to the wrong people:

1. Change password immediately, and also change it anywhere else you have the same password set. The scammer will try to log into your email with it when he loses access.
2. De-authorize all other devices here: https://store.steampowered.com/twofactor/manage
3. Revoke any API keys set. Their only use, if you don't know what it is, is keeping control of your account. https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey
4. If this still doesn't resolve the issue, contact Steam Support at https://help.steampowered.com/ 

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no one in any trade EVER. Will ask you to screen-share on discord to show 'their inventory'. Stay on steam. They refuse to show their items? Scam. They offer something way too good to be true? scam. Simple as that.

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I understand it can be very tempting after those initial salestalks like that, but this massive overpay should have raised all red flags already.

This will basicly only happen with very unique items or in a scam/shark attempt. (as your item might be worth more than you realise)


When they stay private inventory and/or wanna go discord and/or try to check or get you to check anything involving any external website, or it involves any trade except the one being negotiated (all your agreed upon items for all of theirs in one trade on steam), it's always a scam

(if the inventories are public, you can check anything you need to know on bp.tf).



For your own sake and that of your backpack content, stick to the trading routine.

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Big scam , man when someone asks you for something so sketchy insta decline. Legit people have public inventories and they dont go around screensharing or asking you to do some weird shit, they would just send you a trade offer easy as that.

Good thing you didnt fell for this.


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