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I finally decided to bite the bullet and try and give trading a go, so I tried to start with low unusuals. Since most guides are years out of date by this point, I'm extremely nervous about any of my trades, and it's hard for me to tell if what I'm trading is actually a good deal. At this point I've got myself an AH Antarctic Eyewear, a N&B Das Ubersternmann, and an EOF German Gonzila. I know it sounds silly to ask, but any advice on what I could do from here?

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I'd just dump all of them on Marketplace.tf,calculate the price in keys to $ or your currency.Since backpack.tf listings rarely work,Marketplace is perfect for a non-active trading strat.Maximum profit and nearly no effort,but while doing so you can still look for offers,though it requires luck and patience,some may take only a day,some may take a month.Anyways,good luck! 💎

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