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New-ish trader here needs some tips.

Bob the Unsymmetrical

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I used to trade back in the olden days of 2016. Now I have recently gone back to tf2 and started trading again. However, not to much success. 


I only made about 1-2 keys profit in about three days of trading (half from trading some stranges that I don't want) and realise that I may need some pointers from the community to get better trade deals and not get called a low-baller or whatever in the chat. 



1. I obviously made my way out of scrap banking years ago and currently somewhere near low-tier trading realm. Any tips of what to buy/sell?

2. Should I buy stranges with parts, spelled items and Hats with paint? Do I start by not paying extra or pay 10% of the attachments? 

3. Should I start unusual trading right then and there? (In my opinion, I want to stay at this low-tier trading stage for at least a month to learn some trading strategies first, is that okay?)

4. Generally, whats my next step? I have matured and understand more about economics in general and tried to apply here in tf2, but obviously, everyone has the same mindset, any tips that you guys can provide to help me in my trading endeavours?

5. Should I be more aggressive in suggesting a price? One thing I noticed is that I am a little too passive listing my price, fearing that the other side will just decline and never talk to me ever again. Should I be less passive when it comes to negotiating? 

6. Negotiating skills. How do you negotiate? Do you use psychological warfare to get people to sell you stuff for a lower price?


I hope I can get some pointers from more experienced traders from the community. Because the next thing I want is be named a "bad trader" in every single trade server I join.


Cheers and have a nice day.


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1. Discounted items in the 3-20 key range (there's always a bunch of them if you obsessively check on Scrap.tf)

2. Yes, but only if the margin of profit estimated is reasonable (and the potential of losing profit isn't high, too)

3. Do it if you're patient and willing to deal with people. Sometimes it can take a while before sales happen. (I have weeks where nothing sells and days where I sell 2-4 unusuals)

4. That's really up to you, some people eventually find tricks that work well for them. (See points 1, 2, 3)

5-6. Offer what you think is fair, and don't be afraid to counter-offer. It doesn't always work out as you'd like (you're allowed to decline offers politely), and that's fine.

Don't try to please people 100% of the time (that's a mistake I make often), you'll be anxious and end up getting the short end of the stick.

If they don't want to talk to you anymore, that's their problem, not yours. There's going to be someone else interested in your items.


That's a bit of my recent (and new) experience trading unusuals and other items. So far, I've had the most success selling all-class unusual taunts. 

Wasn't always successful (as in losing a bit of profit every once in a while) when buying items, but I end up gradually learning what sells and what doesn't.

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I'm have only been to trading for about 2 months,these are some information that might help you:

+If you have around 15 Keys or more right now,then you should start by finding unusual quicksells on both backpack.tf and trade servers.However,trade servers are usually a waste of time.I'd reccommend scrolling the classfieds,click literally every unusual that you think is nice,check it's sales on Marketplace.tf then decide.Also becareful of how many existing,because you can get undercut anytime.

+For non-unusual,I'd say Strangetrading.eu and scrap.tf/tradeit.gg since the prices changes overtime and they may not keep up with it.

+No,if you are getting started,try stay away from spells/parts unless you know it's an insane deal.For painted items,try go for the popular items,for example,the Brotherhood of Arms.

+Negotiate?This term means different to many people,since some can be dicks and money-greed monsters that only wants yo sell it for more than bots,though some are very nice and friendly,try hopping around buyorders for non-unusuals(Ones that have a decent gap for profit) and around 0.5-2 keys for unusuals around your keys.This may vary to the unusual.

+One important thing,don't stress out about trading,take it easy,learn from the old traders or anyone that can help you.

+And the last,patience,this is the key to making profit.I have seen no one gotten to the top without patience.But if you find a nice deal that can easily recover your lost,then it's ok to quicksell your items.Just try waiting at least 1 week.And good luck on your trading!

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