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Need some advice for a suggestion


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Hey all, 

I recently purchased a Sulphurous Exquisite rack that was listed for 500, but the seller took my offer of; a Power surge KE, Electrostatic Reggaelator, and 250 pure for it. 

The KE is listed as 400, but theres no way anyone would take it for that much given the effect and the Reggalator was valued at 25 keys by the seller (Even though its unpriced) 

I'd like to update the price based on the buyout or what I added; but I dont think my offer is significant evidence for the old price to change. 

Should I even attempt to make a suggestion? Any advice is appreciated. 


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You should cap the sale at the B/O of 500 keys, no matter what you overpaid for it (KE's price is outdated though)

You should also consider this sale https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198345216182#!/compare/1588896000/1588982400 (both outdated and unpriced Unu have pending suggestion which can be used as mini) -> 439 keys (can be rounded up to 450k)


You should suggest 450 - 500 (if you can find a recent sale on the KE), or a 450 flat

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