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Usage of api - post classifieds


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Hello everyone,


I can't get list succesfully killstreak items with defindex as item_name.

But it works when I try with name instead of defindex.


Is that okey or there is some kind of issue?


Example at bottom


    "intent": 0,
    "item": {
      "quality": 11,
      "item_name": "Specialized Killstreak Australium 203",
      "craftable": "Craftable",
      "priceindex": 0
    "offers": 1,
    "buyout": 1,
    "promoted": 0,
    "details": "Buying for bla bla",
    "currencies": {
      "keys": 7,
      "metal": 3.77



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A name + defindex combination wont work. Its one or the other.
Adding to what wsdea said, i believe craftable can be ignored if the item is craftable. Use 0 or 'Non-Craftable' to list an uncraftable item.

Priceindex is also not needed, that is used to specify the effect for unusuals

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