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If I make a bot that 'wastes' ref by constantly crafting hats and weapons, would people donate to it? It i ran it for long enough, i might actually put a dent in the amount of ref around.

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Nobody's going to use it, because:

A.) People in this community don't like to directly waste pure, even if it's just small amounts of refined

B.) At that point why not just make an incinerator bot that deletes everything given to it?

C.) There's approximately 7,400,000 refined metal in existence. Your bot would have to basically waste over 1,000,000 refined just to make a "dent" in the ref pool. That's the equivalent of 250 full max capacity TF2 inventories, or ~18,500 keys, worth of refined. If every person that knew about the bot threw in on average 20 refined, you'd need 50,000 players to donate refined to the bot to hit that 1,000,000 mark... and if you actually got that many people donating to the bot, then you'd be smarter quickly siphoning 95% of the refined you got to an alt account and buying/selling keys with that refined so you can start a college fund or get yourself a new car or something.

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