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Regarding first-gen effects

Bob the Unsymmetrical

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Hi there,


If you were given to rate each First-Generation unusual effects out of a score of 10, how would you rate them?



In my opinion, I would definitely go for a 9/10 for Circling Peace Sign, i like the effect and is well noticable, I am not into to the flashy effects like Sunbeams or Burning Flames. Circling TF logo would be a close second.


Also, I have noticed that some 1st gen effects are not desireable anymore, what happened? Is it the aftermath of the Crate Depression of 2019? Or are the new seasonal effects overshadowing them? Just like to get some insights of more experienced traders on this site. 


Cheers and have a good one.

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Burning and Scorching are still the best effects in game imo


The quality and visibility of those are amazing


Burning: 10/10  

Scorching: 9/10 

G. Energy: 8/10 

P. Energy: 7/10 

Vivid P.: 5/10 

Searing P.: 0/10 - the worst effect imo

Sunbeams: 7/10 

C. Heart: 4/10 

C. TF Logo: 3/10

C. Peace: 3/10 

G. Fetti: 6/10

P. Fetti: 4/10 

Flies: 2/10 

H. Ghosts: 6/10 

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cheart 6/10

cpeace 3/10

ctf 1/10

gconfeti 2/10

pconfetti 2.5/10

ge 7.5/10

pe 8/10

hghosts 3.5/10

flies 2/10

bflames 7.5/10

sflames 8/10

splasma 6.5/10

vplasma 6/10

sbeams 6.5/10


prices are dropping partly bc of crate depression partly because there are a shit ton of unusuals with these effects, also yes because of other way better effects


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Burning: 8/10 - High visibility and the classic "top tier" effect

Scorching: 9/10 - High visibility and a more interesting color scheme than Burning, plus doesn't get lost when you're on fire.

G. Energy: 7/10 - Always loved it, but get in any semi-bright area and the effect is washed out or disappears.

P. Energy: 8/10 - Better visibility than G. Energy.

Vivid P.: 5/10 - Pretty decent.

Searing P.: 3/10 - Invisible on all but the darkest maps, which is a shame because I love the colors.

Sunbeams: 7/10 - Low visibility on bright maps, but still a classic god tier effect even if it's barely high tier these days.

C. Heart: 8/10 - A very simple effect that I've come to love.

C. TF Logo: 6/10 - Again, simple effect that's not half bad.

C. Peace: 4/10 - The color combination and hippie nature of this effect is meh to me.

G. Fetti: 2/10 - Just looks pretty bad, erm, I-I mean 10/10, Scott... Please don't hurt me

P. Fetti: 4/10 - Better than G. Fetti in every way, but still meh.

Flies: 1/10 - Cmon dude.

H. Ghosts: 6/10 - I really like this as a misc / complimentary effect to Hween effects, but it's got visibility problems.

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although 1st gen effects weren't affected too much from the crate depression, it was still a factor that contributed to the decrease in price

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Burning ~ 5/10 

Scorching ~ 5/10

G. Energy ~ 5/10

P. Energy ~ 5/10

Sunbeams ~ 5/10 

H. Ghosts ~ 5/10

C. Heart ~ 4/10 

C. TF Logo ~ 4/10 

C. Peace ~ 4/10 

Vivid P. ~ 3/10

Searing P. ~ 3/10 

G. Fetti ~ 3/10 

P. Fetti ~ 3/10 

Flies ~ 2/10 

First gens are over rated & over priced.


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Burning - I get that something has to be the 'king' of regular effects and can easily see why this is it. However I find pretty uninteresting, 5.5/10

Scorching - Similar to Burning but I like the colour more so 6/10

Sunbeams - Decent I guess, but I feel like it's definitely more a combo effect than a standalone, 6/10

Green Energy - Probably my favourite 1st gen, simple but showy, 8/10

Purple Energy - the colours are significantly more gross than Green, 4.5/10

Circling Heart - Reasonable if you're going for a femenine touch, 5.5/10

Circling TF - Although it's kinda tacky just using the game logo it looks pretty reasonable 6/10

Circling Peace - Fresh outta the toilet, the sprite looks super flat and the colour combo of yellow and pink is grotesque 1/10

Haunted Ghosts - Ghosts could look a lot better and less flat 4.5/10

Vivid Plasma - One of the better effects, would be a great effect if it was a little larger 7/10

Searing Plasma - Same as above but the colours do not go together well or with anything else 4/10

Green Confetti - Good budget effect, 6/10

Purple Confetti - Even better budget effect, 7/10

Flies - Pure meme power, 3.5/10

I don't really like gen 1/2/3 so take that into consideration

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