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[HELP] Halloween Hat Price Suggestion


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So, I recently got a beautiful Venenata Baron, and  planning on keeping it. But for some reason, the trader in me hates to see the bp price graph's slope drop immensely due to the Baron's price being outdated.


Tried making a suggestion, not really good at it, since minis were required, but most of the minis I had depended on other hats, also outdated. Lost all my motivation there, since I am no premium user or anything, so tracking sales is just a nightmare/time i can't sadly afford. 


I was suggested to come here where someone could have interest to pick this suggestion up.


So, if anyone is interested in pricing these "unusual chains" I would be much appreciated ^^


My suggestion here, feel free to use any evidence (not like it took too much time to make anyway, but oh well...)



Cheers for your time.

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