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Hello! Newbie wanna-be trader here!


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Hi all! Im am aspiring trader here on backpack.tf, and i've never really traded before... like ever, unless you count selling the trading cards you unlock through games haha, and was just wondering if some people would be so kind as to give me some tips and tricks in managing my inventory, how often i should check the key prices (the red/green stock market style arrows) and how to avoid scammers, and maybe with some good old luck-of-the-irish, get something cheap to start off with! I know that last one is a fair bit iffy, i understand, but i only have about... 10 ish hours of TF2 as of writing this and only have a handful of weapons and the three gibuses. Just wondering is all, happy trails :)

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Honestly though, if you've only got 10 hours in the game, jumping right into trading isn't the best step. I'd say a new player's first goal should be one of every weapon (excluding reskins). This effectively gives you access to the entirety of the gameplay elements of the game, as everything else is cosmetic. It also allows you to freely experiment with weapon loadouts to find the ones that click with you. After that, the next step would be getting a basic cosmetic loadout for the classes you play. Nothing fancy, just something to distinguish yourself from the crowd.


After that is when you'd want to start building up your inventory, either by trading or by being a whale.

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