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Add "No Evidence" as a reason for reporting Trusts

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Just a simple suggestion. For the abundance of -reps people get that have no evidence, specifically in the case of someone getting impersonated and getting a -rep by someone scammed by an impersonator, there should really be an option for "No evidence" or something of the sort.


The current drop down menu of reasons for reporting a trust or "rating" is as follows:




This trust comment is falsified: You could argue that you can use this for "no evidence", but you also have cases where you use this on a rep that has evidence, but the evidence is fake. This option sounds more like it's for trust ratings where there's evidence that is fake or edited in a misleading way.

This trust comment has nothing to do with trading: Obvious what this is for, doesn't have anything to do with getting -rep's on your profile for "this guy tried to scam me!" that has no evidence.

This trust comment does not involve a risky trade: Again, doesn't have anything to do with getting -rep's from "omg he scammed me" with no evidence.


bp.tf staff are already doing a good job of getting rid of false / unnecessary downtrust's that get reported. But I feel this would make it more straightforward for users that want to report false downtrusts and might help bp.tf staff when viewing downtrust reports by better sorting the "no evidence" ones from reports involving evidence that have to actually be looked into.


Of course, there are times when -trust's are legitimate for people that have been scammed or etc, but in the case of getting scammed it really shouldn't be hard to at least get a compare link or inventory history / trade offer screenshot. I believe you can also find ways to re-open chats from users you've been unadded/blocked by, since you no longer have to be friends to send and receive messages (I.E. how bots you trade with will sometimes send you random "Success! The trade went through." messages.), so you can also probably get chat history screenshots after you've been scammed.


Just a thought I had after seeing several "how to remove false -trusts?" threads in the past month or so pop up.



Problem: There's no clear drop-down option other than "Other issue" for reporting a trust for having no evidence.

Solution: Add a "This trust comment contains no evidence to support its claim" option.

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So let me reword that for you


'There's no clear drop-down option that I personally like for reporting a trust for having no evidence. '


Other is a perfectly valid option, and having no evidence would seem to fall best into that category

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If this was implemented, all the +trusts that don't have evidence (basically all of them) would be getting reported, and seeing as mods aren't pushing to get people to prove these +trusts, it'll end up flooding their reports, and would cause confusion for all the people reporting them.


Things are fine the way they are. You can just use "other" if "this trust comment is falsified" doesn't quite fit, like lollipop said.

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This doesnt do anything, the mods have to read the trust/report anyways!

If they just remove blindly trusts because of the "no evidence" option then everyone would clearly use this function to get rid off of any unwanted trust they have. ("This trust comment is falsified" is clearly enough)


and what Jarool mentioned is the next issue.


and please if you make a suggestion anywhere (IRL too) then use this formula:

The work needed to make this feature = the purpose of this feature

and this is clear in this case (atleast it should be) -> this would be more work than the use of it.

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