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How do i begin trading?


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Get a few keys, buy quicksells, discounted items, skins, painted stuff, good looking sets, etc.

Learn trading sites, learn pricing, learn about strange parts, killstreaks, unusuals effects and tiers, learn what people are willing to invest in, which cosmetics are desired, etc.


U can do a lot of things, and a few outdated, but can get you in the basic youtube videos out there, like Virtual Economist, ApoqTF, Pyrofusion, PyroJoe (don't recommend it)


Also cross-game trading is a thing, tried but not my style.


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If you don't care about high tier items, then just play the game, rack up random drops and send those to Scraptf for metal until you can afford a hat, and keep doing that until you get enough metal to buy a hat/strange/ks you like.


If you DO care about high tier items, you'll have to drop at least $20 USD on keys and pray that your luck is just good enough to find a decent quicksell either on bp.tf classifieds or tf2outpost (if its even still around). With the way the market's become so bloated in terms of metal/key ratio, it'd be impossible to save your way up like the old Scrap2Unusual videos used to say you were able to do. Furthermore, nobody really cares about low-tier trading anymore now that Scrap.tf automated the whole process anyway, so your best bet to actually move up a ladder would be to make that large initial investment (if youre even willing to do so) and hope you don't get a bad end of a deal, otherwise you're out that $20.

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