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Doing some TF2 character art commissions

Dazed & Confused

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Here's a couple of examples:

Imgur has compressed these pretty badly in the previews, click the images to see their full sizes


The price is 1 key and it'll usually take me about a day, depending on when I see your reply, to complete these
If you want me to make one of these for you, follow this format:

Loadout - up to 3 cosmetics
Unusual effect (Optional) 
Weapon - This can also be a generic item associated with the class, e.g. spy's cigarette or scout's ball


MUTED = Only making use of around 5 colours, which gives a more stylised theme e.g. the 2nd spy example 

MATCHED = Using similar colours to the ones seen in game, e.g. the soldier example

VIBRANT = Using somewhat brighter colours to emphasise the character, e.g. the 1st spy example

Private/Public - If you don't want me to post these publicly, feel free to mention it.

Any extra info - If you want a different background style, etc.


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Commission No. 4 (This one was for a profile artwork, so it's more zoomed out and doesn't have the emblem)


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