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SFM artists needed!!!

Good O'l Cousin Cletus

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Hey guys I am looking for an sfm artist to help me create a background picture for me!!!!


I need a few done!!! so let me know pricing but here are my three I would like done!!!!


Spy:  I have a white energy set or I have a pe phantom with a frenchmans beret with the effect of poisoned shadows

          I would love him set in a dark forest or castle or even an old dilapidated house! 

Soldier: I have a sulphurous rack along with a nebula translator I also have a maxs severed head to add to his picture

              I would like him to be set in the same theme as the spy

Medic: I have a haunted ghosts hazmat + a ghastly ghosts jr heer's helmet or I have the same hazmat with a timewarp Gatsby

            same settings as before


I will pay well for good sfm art, but I welcome everyone new or pro to tackle this!!!! 


Thank you in advance guys!!!

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Hey dude, I make custom SFM posters, and would be more than happy to take your request

 That's my commission page, please feel free to add me :)

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hey, you can find my artwork here

professional + photoshop, can do all sorts of stylized effects etc., add me on steam if you'd like to discuss :)

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