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Commissions are opened!


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I am doing commissions, you can add me on discord if you are interested in my service.


My latest profile pictures -





--I cannot show my posters because they are too big, but, if you are interested in my work, add me on steam.--


No exposure, I don't accept money, I accept the following TF2 hats and refined equal to the price of the package / profile picture.


You can add me on Discord.


Discord : mul71ply#4420


I have a around 38+ hours of SFM, i'm not as good as other people, I can show you more of my work / posters on Discord and Steam. If you do not like the work after you pay, (which you should already understand if you see the watermarked version) there is no refunds. You already seen the watermarked version, there is no point of it. If you try to scam me, you will be blocked and I will worn other artists.

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