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TF2 unusual trading same ol same old?


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Been out the game two years, debating pumping back in a hundred keys or so and just wondering if the same conventions have changed at all like:


3rd gen effect prices still outdated/falling?

Robo hats still cancer?

No market for taunts?

Market for lower tier 1st gen effects?


Plus in general if there still can be dividend for the little guy in a world of marketplace.tf unusual trading and even more centralized stockpiled unusual backpacks.


Much Appreciated.


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1. yes but some suggesters working on it (me too if i would have my scripts for it rip 2k17-2k20)

2. yes-no, robot version of cancer hats yes, cool robo hats no.

3. there is, because of being cheap, but bots dominate it so yeah no market for it.

4. 1st gens aren't that good anymore, u still can find buyers.


5. idk

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My thoughts

1: I'd say yeah sort of. Since the big ol crate depression almost a year back, and still with the constant stream of them being unboxed, they'll continue to drop, unless somehow they introduce a permanent next gen.

2: effects like electrostatic, overclocked, memory leak, and power surge (power surge being the best of the lot) are all kinda disliked, but effects like roboactive, sulpherous (totally not biased lol) and time/warp black holes etc are super popular atm, and seemingly rare.

3: Like reshin said, theres definitely a market there, but bots are always on top of other buy/sell orders, but there are ref to made in there if you are patient

4: Lower effects like the plasmas and fetti's are difficult to sell, unless they're on an og popular hat. The rest of the effects are still in high demand, but have lowered significantly as of recent.

5: It can definitely be done; some years ago I dropped off because I got scammed for my one unusual, got lucky with a crate and sold the item for 35 pure, and now I'm here, from solely that 35 pure. If you're going to put in 100, imagine the potential you've got there?

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Halloween effects are where it is at. Not affected by crate depression.


Anything low count has potential, even unusual taunts.


Hottest things for me lately have been spelled items and factory new high level items (even if not strange).


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