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can someone help me set up a TF2 server?


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Hey everyone! So I love TF2 so much that I went on and bought a server for it! and I have no idea what I am doing. I could use some help with setting it up if anyone knows how to set up a server? I will make it worth your while 😃


Just let me know in the comments bellow or shoot me a f/r and lets talk. 

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Allows you to create a basic server.cfg and a map rotation through a user friendly interface



Basic guide for SourceMod, which you will need to install server plugins and you'll probably manage admins and bans through it unless you opt to go for something like Sourcebans



I highly recommend you do the brunt of the work yourself to understand what is going on. I also started from knowing nothing and figured it out as I went along to eventually running a server with over 300k logged players.

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