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Why does nobody ever trade me / accept my deals?


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I honestly just giftapult away my unwanted cheaper items as they're worth too little to bother with and I feel a random f2p player might get more enjoyment out of them.


In any case, one problem you might be experiencing is that you're charging too much for the addons. Take Paint for example. People usually don't pay extra for paint and when they do, it's very little, especially compared to the paint's original price. For example, take the Salmon painted Pom Pommed Provocateur in your backpack; The hat is worth 1.33 refined and the paint is worth 35. Combine them together, and you have a hat worth 1.33 refined.


Another thing to consider is knowing when to cut your losses and move on. If people are consistently offering less than the buy orders, it's probably not a bad idea to just sell to the buy orders and make it somebody else's problem. Otherwise, it's just dead weight in your inventory. You can't sell snow shovels for full price in the summer, but they don't last long at 80% off.

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Honestly, the problem is trying to trade in trade servers, I’ve never found that reliable or consistent enough to warrant me staying in one for hours


You should be listing that stuff on BP regardless, at least you’ll be advertising without having to be in game for it and 100% active

And sometimes, it just be like that, you have good days and bad days... hopefully you’ll get your fair share of good days soon :)

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Well it's been years since I bothered with trade servers, but if I was there and saw your advertisement, I probably wouldn't bother with responding because "TONS" is too general.  I wouldn't want to take the time to sit there and watch as you put all the items in a trade window.


The buying/selling of cheap items is mostly done these days via the classifieds and SCM anyways

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Half your problem is sitting in trade servers, let me sum up trade servers as they've been from 2013 until now:

  • 50%+ of the players aren't there to trade, they're there to goof off with the ePiC Minecraft map the servers love to death.
  • 30% of the players are trying to trade, but they only want to sell and only want pure, they don't want to buy or get item offers.
  • 15% of the players are trying to trade, but only want to buy if you're selling for basically at or below bot buy orders, because they watched 2 videos on "epic trader tips" and now follow them religiously.
  • The last 5% are players willing to buy items at any reasonable price for the seller.
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9 hours ago, ☆ⱣṨ Spook Toque said:

I've been trading (wasting money on virtual items) since 2013. Now that I want to make my inventory cleaner by getting rid of all the cheap items I don't want and move on to ACTUAL trading, there is nobody to pass them off to.


I can go on a trade server and spam "Selling TONS of strange killstreak weapons, stranges, skins, and painted cosmetics" for hours and not one person will ever trade me. I can trade someone and offer said items for something else, and they will always say "nah" or "i'll pass," and say that they don't want skins or it's a bad deal if I ask them why. If they do offer some to buy something with pure it's even less than the buy orders for a cosmetic. Have I hit a roadblock? Am I dumb? How does anyone convert a bunch of low tier items into pure without losing huge amounts of value (e.x. selling an item you bought for $1 on the market for $.25 worth of ref, which I have a feeling no one would accept anyway)


I have only ever found success selling skins on the market, but selling anything with more than 10 listings is non-viable due to the massive amount of competition that WILL undercut and sell for lower if it wants to.

If you want to sell stuff I really advise Community market but just sell like 1 cent down than normal so if someone wants to buy the item they would always go for yours . And Stranges are also easy to sell to oblivious persons but if that dont work just hit scrap.tf and strange killstreak ones are a hard to sell cuz usually a lot people want them but don't think the price is right

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Only trade servers i know where people actually trade are firepowered & vatican but they're both aimed at higher tier trading. Best bet would be find someone willing to bulk buy your lower tier items but you'll probably be selling at bot prices at that point. 

Quick edit - 

After looking at your backpack,

1. List on classified for the items your looking to sell

2. use scrap.tf to auto scrap your weapons as that'll free up a lot of inventory space

3. if all else fails just list things on marketplace.tf and let them sell over time 

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