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Is it worth trading in TF2 today?


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    Hello! I'll give be giving a bit of backstory for context on why I'm asking this question as I'm sure this is a very commonly posted thing. I recently got my tax returns and blew most of my money on TF2, as I painfully talked about it with my sister, she expressed disappointment in my choices and wanted me to sell my items. I have a handful of low tier unusuals and some low tier australiums but I personally didn't want to sell them so I started to look at trading for profit..  but it's a bit of a headache finding an updated guide or a trader that wants to explain these things.


TL;DR: I have some bad unusuals and aussies that I'd like to trade because I'd rather not just sell them, or I should say, I'd like to turn a profit from them so I can keep my items whilst also having wiggle room to make money.

Oh yeah, I also have 70$ left.

My unusuals/australiums are as follows: Cloud 9 Shooter's Sola Topi, Cloud 9 Pyro's Boron Beanie, Cloud 9 Professor's Peculiarly, Bubbling Company Man, Fountain of Delight Jumping Jack, 72' Shred Alert, Aussie Axtinguisher, Aussie SMG and Aussie Frontier Justice. 


A list of questions: 

Is trading JUST about unusuals? Can I profit only from them or are there other markets I can tap into? (Like aussies)


Quickselling/quickbuying seems like an easy route but is this "newbie bait"?


Are low-tier hats worth trading, such as really bad hats + bad effects or are these too hard to sell?


Where should I be looking for good deals on? What "defines" a good deal?


What website should I be using to purchase unusuals/other rares on? Marketplace.tf or Backpacktf? Is there other websites?


And finally, should I be setting up my profile and making my trading intentions obvious?


Thank you for reading and I hope these questions aren't too much of a headache to answer.

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1. No, it's not, if u look at me, i invested all my worth in painted items trading, it's working out pretty well so far.


2. Yes it is! Also Quickbuying is a term for "Overpaying for something to get it way faster"  But, in your case, getting pure would be a nice way to start it off. (But u can higher offers from someone else, so u never know)


3. If you looking to do low-tier unusuals, for which u have your budget, i would recommend, buying unusual hats close to buy order and trying to flip them for 1-2 keys profit, it can be slow, and not that profitable, but still u can work up pretty fast. I don't recommend trading with 3rd gen effects (except Disco Beat Down, Cloud 9, and rarely Miami Nights), also don't bother with these effects: Orbiting Planets, Massed Flies, Nuts and Bolts, Smoking, Steaming(i had a lot of Smoking and Steaming unusuals, despite it's good looking cheap effects, they are way harder to sell than expected), Overclocked, Memory Leak. Mostly shitty looking effects.


4. Good deals are hard, but yet easy to define. Good deals are considered on: - How the unusual looks like?

                                                                                                                                          - For which class it's for?

                                                                                                                                          - Is it a new unusual hat / effect

                                                                                                                                          - Is the effect desired?

                                                                                                                                          - Is the buy orders high compared to the bp.tf price?

                                                                                                                                          - Does it looks good?

                                                                                                                                          - What's equip region it has?

And many more questions, u can ask yourself.


5. U can use bazaar.tf, backpack.tf, scrap.tf, stntrading.eu, tradeit.gg, tradeskinsfast.com, cs.deals, tf2mart.net, tftrade.ru, but i would recommend using the first 3 only, since the others mostly are cross-trading sites, and may have bad prices.


6. That's your own choice, neither I have a "big trader" profile.


I suggest you, to look into a region of trading, like I did with painted items. Learn about it, and make it that you can make profit with every trade u made.

Check what people desire, and don't work hard just for a few cents profit.

Unusual trading is profitable, and if u do it great, u can pull it off.

I recommend you watching Unusual Trading Series from Virtual Economist and ApoqTF - don't watch PyroJoe's because that a total bullshit.


Hope i helped! Have a good time!


EDIT: Also if you really want to trade, and to make profit faster, u can use up that $70 you got. But i wouldn't recommend to waste more YOUR money in it. It's okay, if your profit get scammed from you, but it's not if your hard-earned money gets stolen.

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2. Quickselling isn't just for starters (People new to unusual trading) Even for experienced traders buying quicksells can be a easy way to make small bits of profit

3. If you don't have the money/currency to do unusual trading low tier trading can be an easy way to make tiny bits of profit. The process can be very fast but you are not guaranteed to make large amounts of profit. If you are not the best at negotiating this type of trading can be quite a hassle.

4. Things to look out for when finding good deals are, What is the effect on the hat, is the effect currently wanted on the market, what is the hat and is it desired, how much is it selling compared to backpack.tf price, What class is it for, Good classes are scout and soldier and bad classes like heavy, and is there a discount on the item. This can all affect the price of an item or how easy it is to sell on the market.

5. Good websites are like scrap.tf where you can find auctions, backpack.tf for price checking, and Trade.tf for finding quicksells.

I hope this was of some help and just a quick tip (A quicksell is a item selling for less than 25% of it's original backpack.tf value) 

Good luck trading, and i hope that it favours you in the future 

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Not a big trader but I’ll help a bit ,maybe

1. There’s other markets besides unusuals, liek spells or aussies, or paints 

2. Quick buying and Quickselling are kind of 2 sides do the same coin, quickselling is listing a item less then it’s price, basiclly a discount but way more discounted, Quickbuying is buying quicksells, or paying less than it’s bp price by a fair amount off

3. When trading low tiers, it’s hard to avoid the ocean of bots with cheap unusuals and usually the demand for low tiers isn’t really that big atleast from what I’ve seen unless your selling to bots, they’ll buy most hats 

4. Most good deals come from if the hat and or the effect. For example Halloween effects except maybe the newer ones, are very sought after due to not to hats having  the effect. A good hat deal is what’s probably popular or looks good, and also buy orders, if you get a hat for maybe 1-2 keys above buy orders you won’t be hit as hard if you end up giving up on it and just throw it to the bots

5. Scrap.tf is a general trading website with bots that you can buy hats,unusuals, Stranges, etc, Markplace.tf is a good site since you can use real cash and it’s pretty safe also cheap keys compared to in game store and scm, Bazzar.tf lets you create listings for your hats and you can select what you want wether it be keys or unusuals

6. Depends really, a profile showing your intentions might drag in a a bit more attention but I don’t think it really matters UNLESS, your profile is 1. Private profile or 2. Private inventory because they are usually signs of scammers and most people will decline because of that

Hope you don’t end up getting scammed good luck

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I am still cleaning up. Just focus on 1 or 2 areas and know them well.


The right part on the right item is always popular.

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